Zarpe in Hand!

Domino Collge

Domino College

Courtney at Work

Courtney in his office…

No Dink Parking Sign?

No dink parking sign?

Bocas 150831 001

Mike enjoying a snorkle

Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn in the jungles of Panama…

Bocas 150831 015

Harmonica Playing Man

Bocas 150831 021

Mike playing in the band…

After a long year of dealing with health issues (our own as well as family). We are finally heading out of Bocas. We visited family, returned and have gotten Mermaid provisioned and ready for sea. Our intention is to head out tomorrow after breakfast, overnight at sea and arrive Linton on Saturday. We will rest and sleep before heading to San Blas early Sunday morning.
Bocas has been a great place to be stuck but it is time to get back to the cruising life we love so much… Bocas 150831 019 Bocas 150831 013 Bocas 150831 002


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