Work & Play

We have been working hard getting Mermaid ready to go back to sea. Items have been getting checked off the list right and left. There have been workers in the engine room and on the decks. Our transmission is besing removed on Monday to be repaired and should only take a couple of days. We have made a Cosco run (the first of several I am afraid). We have been getting rid of stuff we don’t need and she is beginning to shape up. We also have been a little delayed on our planned departure by Mother Nature and my computer. There is a late season storm stirring things up just south of us so we decided we would be happier (and safer) in the marina. As for my computer… I spilled coffee on it (no app for that!) and we had to order a new touch pad. As soon as the weather has cleared, cooled and the computer part arrives we should be ready to go.
It has not been all work and no play! We have been enjoying our Wednesday beach lunch group. We made a trip to downtown with Andy and Liz and we have played at the beach and pool. We also had a blast at the Halloween party at the Vallarta Yacht Club. The staff did an amazing job decorating… they really seemed to get into the spirit. The food was amazing and the Cuban band played until late into the night. What a great time! I have planted a new “boat garden” for this season and we will soon be enjoying fresh basil, rosemary and mint. I also made “Limoncello” or started it. Last time I made lemoncello so this year I decided to use the little limones and try it. We get to taste it Sunday. With all the left over juice from the limones I made a “key limone pie” that was delish.

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