Work, Play, Race

PeeWee is allergic to grains and good luck finding dog treats without grains in Mexico. Dick Markie (our marina manager) let us borrow his dehydrator and told me how to make “chicken Dicks.” Ya see, Dick really likes the “street chicken” they sell here in PV and every time his wife Gina sees some she points and says “chicken Dick” and that is where the name came from. I made two batches and put glucosamine on them for his old bones. He was in heaven smelling them “cooking” all day. So, we now have a supply of PeeWee treats to last a bit.
We are still without a frig and missing one head… Jeorge took the head out and sent the motor off to be fixed then went out of town… The frig parts finally came in and Ron has been working on rebuilding the box. We are hopeful that next week Mermaid will be complete again and we want to go anchor out in the bay somewhere to celebrate.
I have gotten back into practicing and racing with Team Dreadnoughts (the ladies sailboat racing team in Puerto Vallarta) and it has been hot but fun. Just when I think my grasp on the Spanish language has improved I listen to the girls chatting and realize I have a very long way to go to learn this language!
We went to Karla’s birthday party… she is the skipper of the ladies team. The party in true Mexican form started at 10 pm and yes we felt old. Late in the afternoon, the day of the party I learned that it was a costume party… we don’t have costumes on Mermaid so we went as gringos. The party was fun and it was great to see all the costumes. Next year we will be prepared with a costume!
I took the bus to Commercial Mexicana then a taxi to Marina Vallarta Saturday morning to race. Fortunately, Laura (who owns the boat) brought me home and chauffeured me on Sunday both ways. The regatta was Saturday and Sunday October 20-21 and it was hot. It was fun sailing with all ladies and we did very well. This is a very lovely team to race with, the teamwork is amazing and there is no drama! It is like sailing with a professional crew. When something would go wrong – OK it is a boat so something is going to go wrong – this crew would quietly pull together, fix the problem and get back into the race. On Saturday we finished with two 1st places and one 2nd place. Sunday brought a 1st a 2nd and a 3rd putting Team Dreadnought in 1st place for the weekend and the month. There was an awards party at El Dorado on the beach in PV and of course it started at 10pm. Marie, our tactician and her twin girls (great sailors) picked us up and brought us home which we are very grateful for!
Meanwhile back aboard Mermaid the aft head is still out and the frig is being rebuilt. Our fingers are crossed in hopes that we will have a working frig and working aft head by the end of the week. Then it will be time to beginning the galley remodel… It’s always something!
The weather has begun to cool down and the cruisers who left their boats for the summer in Paradise Village are all returning. Other cruisers are also starting to come into Paradise Village. It is fun catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

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