What Works

Inflatable Kayak
We used to carry a hard shell kayak aboard Mermaid. It seemed to always get in the way of jib sheets. It was heavy and required two people to launch or retrieve it. Now we have an inflatable two person kayak from West Marine. It deflates and lives on a spare bunk when we are underway. Mike, PeeWee and I have really enjoyed kayaking with this one and I can launch and retrieve it by myself.

Onion Goggles
Chopping onions in a confined space reduces me to tears almost every time. I have tried swim goggles, scuba goggles (that really looked silly!), a wooden match in my teeth, running water, you name it and I have tried it. I found these “Onion Goggles” in a grocery store in Alaska and decided to give them a try… They work great!

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