What an Amazing Weekend!

Saturday we boarded a float plane which took us over the ice fields. Taking off from the water is always fun, and the scenery during the flight was amazing! I understand why people come here for vacation, go home and sell everything to return to live except I just can’t imagine living in the cold. We landed on the Taku River and deplaned on a dock at the Taku Lodge. We walked up to the lodge to find a young man cooking fresh salmon on the grill with two other men, both holding large poles, keeping the bears from the bbq. Mike and I took a nice long walk along the path enjoying the beauty while watching for bears.
We were treated to an amazing lunch with a talk on the history of the lodge which was quite interesting and we wonder if a little embellished. After lunch we took another long walk. We were constantly on the look out for bears because there was bear scat all along the trails. What a beautiful place!
Sunday morning (2:30am!) we got up and headed down the road to board a small boat to do some fishing with John and Jeff Katasse (Frank’s father and uncle). We were amazed as usual by the tides. It was low tide and the pylons on the dock were very tall!
We launched the boat and headed out to look for fish. It didn’t take long and Mike reeled in a Rock Fish which John says is great to eat. Soon after, I landed what turned out to be the biggest fish we would catch… a King Salmon! Before we knew it we were reeling in lots of fish. We caught King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Sockeye Salmon and a Grey Cod. We had such a good time catching fish and looking at the beautiful scenery! It was a cold and rainy day and we were very happy the boat had a heated cabin.
We returned home, had Chinese food delivered and crashed.

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