What a Mess!

A huge spider came to visit on our last day in the house. I ran and had the lady cleaning the house to look at it and she said “Peligroso!” and handed Mike a can of spray. Might Mike the spider hunter took care of it. I had goosebumps all day.
We arrived back aboard Mermaid last night and what a mess she is! The aft head had been removed and the demolition on the frig had begun. Frig doors and parts are piled on the settee along with tools and clothes to donate. There is a temp frig on the floor along with a cooler, more frig parts, vents to be varnished and now our clothes from our recent trip. The table is piled high with “stuff” along with the nav desk. Stuff from the aft head is piled up on the galley counter. I don’t know how we are ever going to get her back together but I sure hope it is soon. I really hate clutter!
We met our nextdoor neighbor who has been away since we got here and is now getting his boat ready to be shipped back to Canada. We have been eating our meals at the yacht club and the “mall.” I guess I should get to work on this mess… At least Mermaid looks good from the outside!

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