What a Blast!

Tuesday morning after a brunch at Vallarta Yacht Club in Paradise Village, I boarded Profligate which would be my home for the next four days and raced to La Cruz where Rivera Nayarit (the state) hosted a party at the Sky Bar in the La Cruz Marina. They gave us free tee shirts, hats, great food, tequila and a really good singer… All ingredients for a great party! Richard introduced lots of people and a good time was had by all.
The next morning we raced a very long race in Bandaras Bay in light winds. Most boats opted to start their engines to get back to La Cruz for more parties. Many water balloons were launched with quite a few hitting the target. Some boats even came by with hoses and big squirt guns. Everyone was wet and laughing. We played volleyball in the pool, enjoyed a happy hour at the Sky Bar then we all headed to Philo’s for dinner, drinks, a band and great fun. Mike flew back to PV and sat by Joe who knew me and was joining the fun.
Everyone managed to get up in the morning and leave the harbor for a race to Punta de Mita and more fun. Once anchored in the bay we hopped on pangas and headed to the party at El Corral. Mike took a taxi and met us there. This dinner was a fund raiser for a local charity which benefits the school kids. From all the happy faces I’m guessing that lots of money was raised. Breakfast was at the same place but in pirate costumes today. The school children came and danced for us… they were adorable! More money was earned, we ate and drank and piled in pangas to head back to the boats for another day of racing.
We actually had good wind for the race back to Paradise Village and the end of the week of fun. We saw whales and blew a spinnaker sheet which all made for excitement aboard Profligate. We finished second! Profligate’s starboard dagger board was stuck down… really stuck. Richard was concerned that we would hit bottom due to a very low (King Tide) tide and opted to head back to La Cruz to dock. We all piled in Richard & Donna’s car and drove to the party at Vallarta Yacht Club.
We had a great time aboard Profligate with Richard, Donna, Patsy and the others who came each day.
PeeWee stayed with they boys at Bob and Ibis’s home and didn’t seem to miss us at all!

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