Whale Sharks!

December 15-17th We have been enjoying La Paz, finding our way around and meeting new friends. We had a welding job done beautifully on our anchor roller and are very happy with it. The entire time we have owned the boat the anchor chain has slipped off the roller and damaged the teak and we always say “we really need to have that looked at.” Now its fixed and looks great!
Saturday morning we took Mermaid along with Anne and Jeff of Outrider to go anchor out and make water… what a beautiful day we had! We were greeted by whale sharks on our way to the anchorage who swam all around the boat and thoroughly entertained all of us – PeeWee loved it! We anchored in beautiful Puerto Ballandra in turquoise water with white sandy beaches. We made water while eating lunch, launched the dink and headed to the beaches to explore. I am still amazed at how fine and cool the sand is on the beaches here. We had a great time exploring and realized that we needed to get going to make it back to the marina before dark. Dragging dink behind, us we entered our slip just as the sun was setting – and was it ever spectacular!
Sundowners were appropriate after that sunset so we sat in the cockpit and enjoyed the evening with Jeff, Anne and our next door neighbor Mark.
What a great day!

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