We Gave Jesus a Life Raft on Sunday!

Sunday morning Mike and I decided we needed to find a home for the life raft floating off Mermaid’s stern. The beach had two fishing camps on it; one older with only one fisherman on it and one looked to be a bit nicer with several fishermen and pangas on it. We decided to dinghy in to the older one and see if the fisherman wanted the raft. He spoke no English and we had a time explaining that we wanted to give him the raft. Finally when he heard the word “regalo” which is Spanish for gift, his face lit up and he said “si?” We told him we would bring the raft into the beach for him, but he hopped into his panga and beat us back to Mermaid to get it. He was full of smiles and very happy with his new gift. I asked him what his name is and he said Jesus. We got quite a laugh out of the irony of giving Jesus a life raft!
We took the dink back over to the other side of the island and explored more. We kept looking for the river of Mantas but only saw some jumping. We landed on a beach that had big round red rocks instead of sand. I found a beautiful shell, but someone was home, dead and quite stinky so we left it where we found it. The rocks were amazing and the Geologist in Mike came out… he was having a blast!
Back at Mermaid, we hoisted the dink and prepped the boat for the trip back. It was very hot on the way back to Costa Baja and there was no wind. As soon as we got Mermaid back in her slip the air conditioning came on and none of us wanted to leave the boat.
Kathy and I had a couple of more days to explore La Paz. I introduced her to my friend Claudia and we walked, shopped and played in the pool. We played dominoes and ate out. Wednesday came all to soon and it was hard to say goodbye to the Queen.

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