We are Legal!

Tuesday, November 22nd – we checked into Cruiseport Village Marina and PeeWee got to visit with Vanessa again. Our old friend Jonathan took us to the Port Captain, Customs and Immigration. The paperwork cha cha took a few hours and we are certain that if Jonathan had not been with us it would have been considerably longer. With stamped passports and a pile of paperwork and receipts in hand we returned to the boat to take down the Q flag and hoist the Mexican flag. After a quick lunch and a few boat chores we headed into town determined to find the Italian restaurant that we had heard was not to be missed. We walked for what seemed like forever and decided to give up… As we were passing through security we decided to ask them where it is. They told us a place that “marina people” like and we headed there. Mexican pizza – thin crust, cheese, chorizo, beans and jalapeno peppers – not bad. We returned to the marina (sharing leftover pizza with the guard who told us we should have gotten tuna pizza…) for a night-cap and bed.

Wednesday, November 23rd – We spent a good part of the morning on the internet in the marina office then headed to town for fish tacos in the fish market. Deciding on which spot to eat fish tacos in the fish market is an adventure all to itself – each vendo is trying to convince passer-bys to eat at their spot. We finally decided on one and it was wonderful! After lunch we went to the grocery to provision then Mike went back to the internet (he is doing the virtual Volvo race) while Robin found the laundry room and did the laundry. We watched another cruise ship come in and enjoyed another beautiful evening in the cockpit of Mermaid.

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