Visiting Dignitaries

We woke to find an American flag flying over our hotel in addition to Canada and British Columbia flags. Robin asked why there was an American flag flying and was told by hotel staff that it was for us… their “American Visitors.” We enjoyed watching the pair of ravens outside of our room, they seemed to be welcoming us as well.
After a lazy morning in our comfortable hotel with the amazing view, we walked down the road to Cow Bay to explore the area and enjoy the best fish & chips we’ve had so far. We asked our waiter if we could expect any sunshine and he quickly answered “oh no no, never.” Shortly after that the sun came out and stayed out most of the day… We toured the Museum of Northern British Columbia (where we watched a blad eagle land outside the window) and were amazed at the age of many of the artifacts. The stories we read about the First Nations people and their history were very interesting.
Not looking forward to getting back in the car, we wanted to tour the Cannery Museum which required a 20 minute drive. It was well worth driving. The cannery was very interesting and the tour guides were very animated and knowledgeable.
Upon returning to town we parked the car and tried to decide what pub to visit and finally came to the conclusion that our room had the best window table for two and headed there for a glass of Canadian wine (or two) and some cheese (after topping off the car with fuel). We watched another ship come in and anchor right in front of us and all the activity on the bay.
This would be our last evening in Canada – tomorrow (Sunday) we board the ferry and head for Juneau, Alaska. We aren’t expecting any internet on the ferry and will update the blog when we arrive Juneau on Tuesday. We are enjoying the comments you leave here so keep ’em coming! (Jessamine’s friends want her to bring a bottle of cool air and a couple of suitcases of rain back to Texas with her…)

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