Touring La Paz

I was fortunate enough to do some exploring of La Paz with a group of non-boaters. It was a great for me to experience La Paz through different eyes than the one of a typical cruiser. (I know what you are thinking… I am not the “typical” anything!)
Monday evening we walked along the Malacon which I find lovely watching the families of La Paz walking and spending time together in the evenings watching the amazing sunsets. We rode in an open air tourist bus, which I had always wanted to do, to dinner at Trocadero (another new favorite of mine) which was amazing! The food was beautiful and delicious and matched perfectly with wines from the oldest winery in North America – Casa Madero. If you find a wine from this winery buy it! We tried several different ones and they were delicious. I met Kat who is an expat that owns a lovely bookstore here and Gari who came to La Paz to learn English, fell in love with La Paz and her now husband. She never left La Paz and started the English newspaper. It was very interesting to hear from Americans who now live in La Paz about what it is like to retire here. I totally understand why so many are doing just that! The weather is just about perfect, the people are warm and gracious, the food is amazing and the cost of living much lower than in the USA.
Early the next morning we had breakfast at Costa Baja and boarded a boat to head out to swim with the sea lions. Being from Southern California, the idea of swimming with these critters was something different. I had always thought of them as a nuisance. After our guide, Juan explained how the sea lions would act when we got in the water and how we should and should not react, I decided I could give it a try. It was an experience that I am very glad I didn’t pass up. When I got in the water a large male swam around showing me the boundary that I should not cross (and I didn’t). Then, smaller sea lions became very playful… speeding right up to me then around. I was actually laughing in my snorkel!
We left the sea lions and anchored in Ensenada Grande for our lunch stop. What a beautiful bay! After a lovely lunch we hiked up the hill to view the bay from above. We boarded our boat and headed down the island stopping along the way to hear some history and local lore. What a beautiful place!
We ate dinner at Cafe Corozon, a lovely restaurant in the heart of town. The food, company and ambiance were wonderful. We were joined by locals as well as expats who live, work and are retired here.
Wednesday we rode out to the site of a future development on a beautiful piece of property just a 12 minute drive from Costa Baja where we heard the plans for the development. I was very excited to learn that there will be a new marina built here and wanted more information on it. The developers seem to have found the perfect location for a resort/home site that is as Josh explained “removed but not remote.” It is on a beautiful beach right at the north end of the Ceravallo Channel with amazing views. The plans are very eco friendly to the land, sea and community. I look forward to watching this development grow.
Next we visited the condos of Playa de La Paz which is a very upscale development. The condos are beautiful and top of the line everything… from the Italian marble to the views. We met with the developer and I enjoyed listening to his vision during the planning and building. We also visited a B&B Casa Tuscany Inn, which is a lovely small and quaint place just off the Malicon. We enjoyed octopus, chocolate clams and shrimp tacos at Bismark before ending our journey. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new friends and exploring La Paz as a tourist.

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