The work continues as D (departure) Day approaches

Boat prep is still happening at a rapid pace aboard Mermaid. We still sit at F dock at Portofino in King Harbor until next Wednesday when we move to the yacht club. Mike and Robin have switched rolls from the last time we went cruising. Mike is calm and happy while Robin is in panic mode worrying about what still need to be bought, installed, fixed etc… There are to do and to get lists all over the boat.
Meanwhile Mike just returned from a business trip to Oakland and Robin is going to San Diego tomorrow (Saturday) to watch the America’s Cup action. Workers are still coming and going.
Still to be done: Nick returns to finish woodwork around windshields, Shea is coming to install a new Pactor modem and check out the radio setup, Ray will come check out the watermaker and Jim is coming to touch up some snaps on our canvas.

work makes a mess

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