The Sun Shines in Juneau!

It has been raining and cold ever since we arrived in Alaska (imagine that)! Saturday the sun came out and it was a beautiful day. The locals wore short sleeve shirts and we even saw a sundress, but it was still in the low 60s and we were quite cool – it is hard to believe it is August.
Stacy picked us up and we went for a drive “down the road.” There is one road in Juneau and we went to the end of it. We even went over “the bridge” – yep you are catching on. We went to the arboretum and saw beautiful flowers and the view was amazing. We went on a short hike in the woods along a beach. We ended up back at the apartment for dinner.
I have been keeping Autumn during the day, Frank and Stacy come by the apartment for lunch and back again for dinner. Lots of bonding happening here! The condo above Frank and Stacy’s developed a leak which destroyed their ceiling as well as their sofa. The plumber found mold in the ceiling so they can’t stay in their condo and are currently in a hotel… We hope they will get it all fixed quickly and can get back home.
Sunday we had planned on a fishing trip but the boat broke down… so we went for blueberry pancakes. It was a little rainy but we went for a hike anyway. We walked up the hill behind the apartment, over a very long boardwalk that went by waterfalls and down the other side back to the apartment. It was breathtakingly beautiful! John had been fishing the day before and sent over fresh halibut and large king crabs. Stacy and Frank cooked the halibut for dinner and it was wonderful. We ate the crab the next day in a frittata as well as just dipped in butter.
Last night John, Carmen (Frank’s parents), Mike and I went to see the new Batman movie downtown. We enjoyed the movie but the best part was the short walk to the theater and back to the apartment. Juneau really is a lovely town.

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