The Long & Winding Road that Leads to Stacy’s door

400 miles of driving along what looked like the edge of the world in thick fog is where we spent day two of our adventure. We started in Santa Cruz and ended up in Eureka. Jess and I had really looked forward to the beautiful views and saw fog! The California Highway Department did their job to rub it in our faces all day too with the constant signs saying “scenic vista” and “coastal access” all along the road. There were a few highlights in the day though… our first stop was on a beautiful beach north of Santa Cruz where we found lots of beautiful sand dollars.
Jessamine had never been across the Golden Gate Bridge so that was fun to cross even though it was shrouded in fog.
We stopped at the Pelican Inn north of San Francisco (where Robin fondly remembers visiting with her oldest son Alan and his wife Crystal earlier in the year). The Inn was empty and our new favorite bartender, Brian offered up some amazing service! We tasted beers and discussed local attractions. We found the Pelican Inn to be warm, gorgeous and very welcoming and wished we could have spent more time exploring the place, but it was lunchtime and Jessamine had heard about this great place for oysters a bit farther north, so off we drove into the fog.
The oysters at Marshall’s Store (north of Point Reyes) were amazing as well as the two men who obviously enjoyed grilling and serving them, but the woman at the counter left much to be desired (we decided she was having a bad day). The drive here was so different from the views we had seen up to San Francisco. The rugged coast had turned into beautiful bays. From there we traveled along the coast until the 1 turned a bit inland and through the amazing Redwood Forest where we were above the fog until we came back to the coastline and the marine layer.
Onward through the fog to Eureka and a soft bed, a little wine and a good nights sleep waited. All in all another great day.

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