The Lone Star State

For anyone who lives far away from their extended family it’s a special time whenever you return to the nest. It took a couple of long flights but we made it back to the Lone Star state for a family visit. Our great friend Jessamine picked us up at DFW and allowed to stay at her place the entire time we were in Texas. Our Daughter Stacy flew in from Alaska with her two children Autumn and Kaash for the first few days we were there. Stacy really was a trooper, flying down on passes with two small kids and all their stuff in tow. It made us really proud to see how well she handled the entire journey and how well the kids behaved. It was special to have four generations together. Nano’s great grand kids took to her like ducks to water, crawling up in her lap for a bedtime story. We had a couple of nice afternoon swims but the highlight was a trip to the Fort Worth Zoo. The Zoo’s come a long way from our childhood memories and it was a great experience for Autumn who was just about to turn three. She liked the baby elephants, feeding the birds and the marine touch tank but was a little scared of the bears who were only a couple of feet away from us. We decided that living in Alaska and being warned of bears caused this. Mike had a nice visit with Poppy on afternoon. His health may be on the decline but it was fascinating to hear about his life experiences from growing up in rural Oklahoma, playing basketball on the NCAA championship team, flying jet fighters for the air force before becoming a captain for American Airlines where he became a pioneer in the design and use of flight simulators for training pilots.
We celebrated Jessamine’s birthday week in style. We ate and drank out a lot. Jessamine drove Robin all over town picking up supplies for the boat and for the two of us. Living on a boat is hard on clothes and we don’t get many opportunities to shop so Robin made up for lost time and we took home a whole new wardrobe.Ft Worth Zoo Cousins Autumn Swimming Jessamine Enjoying a Birthday Swim Nano & Kaash Little Gymnist Big Babies Legacy Picture


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