The Kids Visit La Paz for Chirstmas

December 18-28 – Austin and Sarah arrived on the 19th. We managed to eat and drink our way though La Paz!
We had planned on taking the kids to the islands but the winds were predicted to be very bad as they sometimes do this time of year, so we took them to Ballandra for a day to explore the beaches and see the beauty. I made jambalaya and delivered a picnic lunch to the beach. On our way home no whale sharks were sighted, but we had a lovely downwind sail back to the marina. That night the winds arrived as expected and blew with fury for the rest of their stay. Everyone said that the winds never last this long…
Austin had a tooth ache so I made him an appointment with a local dentist who came highly recommended. He ended up with four trips to this dentist getting a root canal and clean, pretty teeth.
On Christmas Eve we ate at Palermo’s and it was fantastic and beautiful!
Austin requested my ham for Christmas dinner and I set out to find one (not easy in La Paz). I finally found a huge one and had them cut a chunk off for us, brought it home and cooked it in my usual way (Austin’s favorite and very easy). On Christmas Day we opened presents and ate a lovely dinner in the cockpit and our neighbor Mark joined us. What a fun day!
We rented a car and headed to Todos Santos to check out the town. On our way we were stopped by the police who said we were going too fast and we needed to pay him $100 US. We decided the best thing to do was pay the money and continue on our way… slowly. The landscape was interesting with huge cactus everywhere.
We arrived Todos Santos and found a parking place in front of the famous Hotel California (the one from the Eagles song) and walked through the shops. After lunch we headed to a great surfing spot – Cerritos Beach. It wasn’t easy to find and thank goodness Mike had researched it and gotten good directions. The beach was beautiful and the service at the restaurant on the beach was amazing! We rented a surfboard and a skim board for the kids. They wore themselves out and had a good time. Humpback whales entertained us all day breaching and tail slapping. It was the most amazing sight!
On the way home we stopped at the Shack and had another fabulous meal. Austin has eaten in many, many restaurants all over La Paz and the Shack has been his favorite.
We had lunch at Bismark (great fish tacos) with Pedro who is the Director of Tourism and gave him the gifts Austin had brought from The Office. Pedro is a big fan of the show and was very happy to get the goodies.
On the kids last night in La Paz we had been invited to celebrate one of our new friends birthdays so we stopped by Costa Baja for a drink and to wish Jan a happy birthday and head off to eat where the kids wanted to eat. They saw the menu at Costa Baha and decided they wanted to eat there. We had a fun evening and a great meal with Jan and Lisa and headed back to Mermaid.
The last day of their visit the kids packed and put the hanging chair off the spinnaker pole taking turns sitting in it thoroughly entertaining themselves and us. We went back to Bismark for fish tacos before heading to the boat to gather their things and catch a cab. It was sad to see them go.
During their stay we ate a lot, drank a lot and played lots of dominoes. Good times!

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