The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The good news is the solenoid finally arrived. The bad news is the solenoid did not fix the generator. The ugly news is that the generator cannot be fixed. This was not the best way for Mike to spend his birthday but I think it gave him a burst of energy. He spent much of the day taking the hoses off the air conditioner and cleaning them out. He even got in the water (yes, the red tide and dead fish are gone) and cleaned out the thru hull. After putting it all back together I am happy to report that the AC is working beautifully! Happy Birthday Mike.
We were concerned that a solenoid might not be the fix and spent the time waiting on it comparing new generators online. When we found out that we would be in need of a new generator we jumped right on the phone and tracked down the one we wanted only to be told that the distributor was taking the week off for inventory and Thanksgiving. AAARRRRGGGGGGG! After much pleading we managed to get them to ship the one they had in stock (sorry to the people doing inventory) and the expediter we use (Jim Dixon) really pulled some strings and got the generator across the border last night, avoiding the American holiday. That was the best news we could have woken up to this morning! Hopefully (if all goes according to plan) the generator will be here Monday. We aren’t sure yet just how long it will take to remove the old generator and install the new one. The new generator made by Kohler, is a bit bigger than the old one and we will have to do some demolition on Mermaid and then repair it all after the install.
Now the question is what do we name the new generator? We lovingly called the old Westerbeke generator Genny. We are toying with calling the Kohler K, Kohlie or even Genny but we won’t know until we meet her.
More excitement this week was a visit from Mexican Customs (SAT). Last week someone from came Immigration and checked our passports but this was a bit different. A truckload of heavily armed men in camo unloaded in the marina, divided into groups and went on all the docks. They took information from our Temporary Import Permit (TIP), documentation and passports. The walked the decks and looked into windows of boats who had no one aboard. They were very friendly and professional and I asked if I could take their picture only to be told that it was not allowed. Oh well…

Today is Thanksgiving Day and many of the American cruisers are getting together at Philo’s for a potluck. We think it will be fun and will certainly be a different Thanksgiving celebration for us. The men doing the demolition will begin tomorrow morning. This we are very thankful for and hope to be on our way in a week or so…

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