Thanksgiving Without a Galley!

Thanksgiving day I had practice with the girls on Dreadnought… both sailing practice and dance practice (more on that in a bit). Most of the cruisers spend Thanksgiving at Philo’s and eat early. I returned to the boat about 6:30, showered and we headed to the yacht club for dinner. They had gone all out decorating and making American’s feel at home for Thanksgiving dinner. We ate turkey and all the fixings even pumpkin pie. The only odd thing was – we were the only ones there. We had great service but we felt bad for the restaurant… We had a lovely evening and headed home to get some sleep before the big regatta. The last regatta of the year for the 37 fleet was this weekend with a big fiesta and awards on Saturday night. The tradition is the girls team is the entertainment for the fiesta with either a dance or skit or something. This year was a spoof of a dance “I’m Sexy & I Know it.” It was very silly, but very fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The awards were done in the true Mexican way… Dinner was served around 10:30pm and awards sometime around midnight. We were tired the next day! Work is continuing on the galley remodel. It is taking a long time, but it is a huge job and I keep telling myself how wonderful it will be while I live in this mess. We have not had a stove in a while so we have been eating out a lot and our midsections are showing it.
Mike’s birthday weekend was very relaxed. I had asked him what he wanted to do… We sat on the beach, body surfed and watched a lot of football. I think he enjoyed it.
I flew to LA to spend my birthday weekend with Kathy and visit with Austin. It was cold and raining in LA which was a welcome relief from the heat. It is winter in PV and not nearly as hot as it has been, but it is still hot! I had such a good time catching up with Kathy and getting lots of errands run including getting new spices for the galley (the old ones cooked this summer). We ate one evening at a new restaurant called 50/50. OK, my vegetarian friends… you might want to skip to the next paragraph… They serve hamburgers made from 50% ground beef and 50% ground bacon! The ketchup for the garlic fries is bacon ketchup. The menu didn’t sound all that great, but the food was delicious! I was amazed! Danskos are not running shoes! My flight from LA through DFW was delayed for about an hour. It seemed the plane had a broken part that was not necessary for flight but paperwork was required to fly without the part. It took about an hour for the paperwork to be done and the passengers all wondered how long it might have taken to replace the non necessary part? I had about an hour layover at DFW and both flights were scheduled in the same terminal… D. We landed in D terminal and I was told to take the shuttle to D-14. I clarified 1-4 or 4-0 and was told 14. I ran, shuttled and ran again only to find it was last call for my flight in D40! Another run to the shuttle then run to D40 to see the gate closing. I missed the last flight to PV for the day! I called Mike’s Mom who was fortunately not busy and happy to come get me and let me spend the night. David and Diane joined us all for dinner. I hated missing my flight home, but it was good to see Nano, Bill, David and Diane. The next morning I walked to my gate in D terminal with sore legs and back from running in Dansko shoes, boarded the plane and was in PV in no time. I managed to go quickly through customs and Mike was surprised at how quickly I got home. We took a dinghy ride for my birthday and saw Bob and Sherry from Nirvana who asked us to join them for a sundowner. Roger and Tori where also there. A couple of drinks and dinner later we headed home to Mermaid. The next day Mike flew to Texas to visit family. Lynn drove him to the airport then we headed to Mega to get some groceries. Back in the marina, Doug and Lynn found out their insurance claim was approved and asked me to join them for a margarita at the club. They told everyone that it was my birthday, so a margarita turned into three margaritas and a little food followed by a birthday flan with a candle! Then they asked me to walk with them to Nirvana where there was another birthday cake with mucho candles! What a fun evening! I am very thankful to have such good friends! In the morning Lynn, Sherry, Tori and I went to Sayulita to do some shopping. We were all shocked at how expensive everything was there and most of the goods were from Guatemala not Mexico. We had lunch and headed home a bit disappointed in the shopping, but we had a good lunch and laughed a lot so it was a good day.

Sayulita Beach

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