Texas Stout’s Visit Puerto Vallarta!

David, Diane and Ryan flew in from Ft Worth and stayed at the Paradise Village Resort where Mermaid is moored. We got plenty of beach and pool time in. We boogie boarded, found new restaurants, drank and played more than a few games of Mexican Train. Ryan was very excited to be able to buy alcohol here… he is 20 and cannot buy it at home.
We took a zip line tour which was amazing. To get to the zip line we took a boat across the bay to a truck which took us up the mountain to the adventure area. We got “suited up” in the zip line equipment, had a safety review and mounted mules. Yep, mules to ride up the mountain. What a site we must have been… Ryan’s mule headed up the path followed by Mike’s who farted long and loud several times (the mule, not Mike) followed by mine who went at his own pace (slow) no matter how I encouraged him to go faster. David was behind me and his mule stayed so close to mine that mine started kicking at it. Diane’s was farther back with a mind of his own and eventually we all ended up at the top.
Our guides on the tour were wonderful and experienced. We hooked on the lines and zipped over canyons, rivers and waterfalls. Some of the runs had places where we landed in a waterfall or river. The scenery was beautiful and zip lining was a blast. The only downside was that the tour company won’t let you take any cameras into the park and sell you photos at the end which were quite expensive…
We took a J80 out on the bay sailing one afternoon and had a blast! We sailed up to La Cruz then had a nice spinnaker run back to Paradise Village. Ryan learned to drive the boat and took us most of the way up wind.
Diane and I had pedicures and I got my hair cut very short. It is way too hot here to have hair on my neck and short hair is much more comfortable.
It was sad to say goodbye to the Texas Stouts and we realized that we are no longer the California Stouts but now the Mexican Stouts… It’s all part of the adventure!

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