Tears of Joy!

Our first tears of joy were the result of a message from our good friends Mark and Debbie of Younger Girl – they got married! We are so happy for them and wish them all the best.
Next was after a phone call from our hero Elias from PacWest Marine who thought of what the issue might be. He thought that our mechanic might have switched two hoses (one for in and one for out) from the oil pump which would cause the engine to not work. Mike switched the two lines and the engine fired right up. We were doing the happy dance when the engine died again. We did some trouble shooting and found air in the fuel. We bled, primed and started the engine over and over again but air kept getting in. Mike traced all the lines and fittings making sure they were all tight and still no luck. Finally he decided it was an old fuel line coming from the tank. We found some hose (that took a couple of days) and proper fittings, bled, primed and started the engine and it ran and purred! Such a beautiful sound. Happy Dance!
We will have to build a new mount to connect the water maker to the generator and decided to do that in Zihuatanejo. So, we found a water truck driver who agreed to deliver to the dock 35 5 gallon bottles of drinking water. They delivered the water and put it in the tanks and reduced their price because we got so much. I love Mexico!
We were ready to go late on Saturday but after the marina office had closed. They like you to pay your bill before leaving so we decided to enjoy the weekend. We were able to go to a celebration dinner with Mark, Debbie and some other friends. We went racing on Profligate in the Bandaras Bay Blast and had a great time. Our friends Mark and Debbie were aboard so it was extra special.
Today is Monday – our intentions are to pay our bill at the marina, fill up with fuel and sail around Cabo Corriente (fingers crossed that it isn’t icky there) and keep sailing south. If the sailing is good we will keep going. If we have to run the engine we will hop into anchorages to sleep and wait for some wind… We like to sail not motor…

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