Tamales & El Diablo!

Raul, our favorite El Cid bartender, sold tamales out of the back of his truck (wearing his Lats & Atts hat!) that his wife and children had made the night before. We bought four and returned to Mermaid for breakfast. They were the best ever, so we went back and got more to go in the freezer.
Mike and I took a shuttle, a bus and a long walk and found the really old part of Mazatlan and how beautiful it was… We would walk and look at scenery then stop for a cervesa and rest before heading on. We walked up to where the cliff divers dive and found an old cave with a locked gate. On the gate of the cave was a sign that used to say “El Diablo” and we wonder what the history of that place is. We found an amazing arts & crafts store with lots of unusual musical instruments. We found a day of the dead photo album with a mermaid on it and had to get that as well as a gift. We took a pulmonia back to El Cid and headed to the jacuzzi before finishing off the shrimp and watched a movie. What a great day!
When I loaded the pictures from the day I realized that there were pictures from Nano’s visit that hadn’t been loaded into the computer so I am including some here.

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