Taking off again in the morning!

As the saying goes… Cruiser plans are written in the sand at low tide… so was true yesterday with our Thanksgiving plans. The plan was to have the meal at 1:00 then wander into town to find the Cowboy game on. Well… the meal was ready at 1:00 but the mechanics polishing the fuel tanks weren’t done until 6:00! The meal sat in the oven warming for five hours. Oh well, it was a great meal, the tanks are done and we had a nice evening.
Friday morning (Mike’s birthday) we headed over to the fuel dock at the Corral Marina and filled with fuel. We returned to our slip at Cruiseport and changed the transmission fluid, check oil levels and readied the boat to head out. We went to town to get the last minute provisions and as we got to the grocery I realized that I had forgotten the list! We wandered up and down every isle trying to remember what was on the list. We got what we thought we needed, got a cab and returned to Mermaid. As I checked the list we were amazed that we had gotten everything! Well, everything that could be gotten – there are a few things not in the stores here that we like, oh well…
The next “plan” is to head out early in the morning and sail to Cabo Colonet to anchor for the night – then harbor hop down the coast to La Paz. We should be out around two weeks and most likely won’t see any internet until reaching La Paz. We will update the site then.

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