Summer is Coming

With the season drawing to an end and our haul date approaching it was time to work our way south from Antigua to Grenada where Mermaid would be hauled. We worked our way from Antigua to Grenada – island hoping to get some sleep along the way. We weren’t in too much of a hurry so we enjoyed some time in Bequia and Carriacou. A favorite in Carriacou was our visit to the famous boat builders on the windward side of the island. They build the old fashioned Carriacou Sloops in the manner that they have been built for generations. After watching the excellent documentary “Vanishing Sails” about these boats and their builders it was a treat to see in person.

Hauling out is a bittersweet time. It marks the end of another season but is also a time with new and different adventures on the horizon. But first, there’s much to be done to get the boat ready to to be left for hurricane season. We arrived in Clarke’s Court Bay about a week before our scheduled haul out and summer storage. Three days at anchor and three more at the slip were spent getting Mermaid ready to haul, which is a lot of hot work. We removed all sails and everything from the deck, cleaned the boat thoroughly, did laundry and vacuum packed clothes and linens, cleaned out our food supply, got rid of dingy gas, and much more on the list. Finally we hauled Mermaid via “The Hulk” and watched as she was moved to her spot for the summer. Clarke’s Court Marina has four nice hotel rooms and we stayed in one for a few nights before we departed and enjoyed the air conditioning at night as well as long land showers after hard days work.

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