Still Waiting…

We are still sitting in a slip in La Cruz and still waiting on the solenoid for the generator. We keep hearing that it has crossed the border and will hopefully be here today. The problem is we hear this each day… Maybe manana? Such is the life of a cruiser.
We have made the best of being stuck here. We have been getting out and enjoying La Cruz. We found a great produce market that is on Thursday nights and is where local restaurants get their good produce. We have made a couple of bus trips to Mega and to Bucerias to get groceries, boat stuff and Mike even got new glasses. Mermaid is quite stocked at this point so we hope to be able to go soon.
I got to race in the last regatta of the year for the Capri 37 fleet. It was bittersweet. I have really enjoyed sailing with the ladies aboard Dreadnought and will miss them. I have learned some Spanish sailing terms from them and made some good friends over the last year and a half.
Philo’s has a rock wall in the bar that we just couldn’t figure out what it was for. We asked Philo and he told us that it was built to be a water feature but never worked and he just couldn’t figure out what to do with it. I suggested that he let cruisers paint their boat name on a rock to raise money for a charity that he works with. Philo thought that was a great idea so Mike and I bought some brushes and paint, put them in a box and donated it to the cause. We painted the first rock in his wall for Mermaid and hope many will follow. I can’t wait to see a picture of the wall in about February!

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