Still Stuck…

As cruising friends arrive and walk down the dock we hear “you’re still here!?” The new generator has been installed and guess what? It doesn’t work!!! So far we have spent the last couple of days troubleshooting without any real answers. Now we are waiting to hear back from Kohler. Each day has been more frustrating than the one before.
On a bright note… We got word that the painter Jim DeWitt painted our PeeWee for his ebook! At least that was exciting news
We have also found the best hamburgers in Mexico at a La Cruz restaurant called Charlie’s. At least being stuck will give us another chance to have another burger. The weather has been pretty perfect; 80s in the day and nice and cool at night. We have been getting boat chores done while waiting on a working generator. We got to go to the El Salvador Rally seminar which we were sure we would not be here to attend. Bill and Jean and their pictures really got us looking forward to heading south! Our friend and neighbor from Elysium returned so we spent last night in the cockpit with food and wine and more wine catching up. We didn’t expect to see him again and it was a fun evening. I really am trying to look on the bright side.

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