Still on the hard!

7.11.12 So much for three to four days on the hard… we are in the middle of our second week! The rudder post has been taken apart and repacked. The problem ended up being a large bolt that had corroded so it has been replaced along with the other ones. The thru hulls have been re-seated, cleaned and checked some replaced. The bottom paint all came off (man, was that ever a job!) and fared smooth. The paddle wheel that never connected to anything was removed and fiberglassed over (one less hole in the bottom is a good thing). Hopefully the epoxy primer went on yesterday and the bottom paint will go on today and we can get back in the water tomorrow…. Fingers are crossed!
We are so fortunate that the timing of house/dog sitting worked out so well. We are enjoying this lovely home and the dogs are a hoot! We float in the pool each afternoon for a cool down. The bbq made for a lovely evening… Mike grilled steaks and vegetables. We drive to check on Mermaid each afternoon and bring cervesa frio to the boys working on her and come back to the house for dinner.
We had two days with no rain which makes it very, very hot. Then, last night we had the most spectacular thunderstorms. Lightning was hitting very close and was quite loud. It was nice to be in a house and not on a boat for that one… Lightning is a bit frightening on boats with tall metal masts reaching to the sky!

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