Stars in Juneau

We woke to a rainy morning. Stacy has asked us not to use umbrellas because it would embarrass her since Juneauans don’t use them. So we walked about town in the rain getting wet like locals. We probably did look like tourists in the restaurant on the water because we couldn’t get enough of watching the sea planes take off and land. Sorry Stacy…
We went to the Alaskan Hotel Bar because there is nowhere else in the world like it, you really feel like you have stepped back in time. Robin wasn’t sure how to take the comment from the bartender who assumed she was a local… must be the wet hair and boots? We then wandered around town and Jessamine found the most wonderful boots and purchased them. I doubt she will see any like them in Texas.
We took a walk on Sandy Beach and wandered around the remains of an old mine when the sun decided to break out for a beautiful afternoon. Just as we returned to the condo quite tired, Stacy called and said “lets go for a walk at Sandy Beach!” We opted out and let them go take the dogs before we all gathered for dinner in Auke Bay at a Thai restaurant.
After dinner, Jessamine gave Stacy an hour long massage hoping to get things going. Stacy looked like she really (really) enjoyed the massage. We returned to the condo and could see the big dipper just beyond our fingertips (or so it seemed). It was a beautiful night… maybe a good night for the baby to make an entrance? Or at least a whale sighting??

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