Spring Cleaning

It took a few days to get unpacked and put things away. I cleaned out my clothes (gave away an entire wardrobe) before putting my new things away. I realized most of my wardrobe was “outfits” and have now replaced it with solid color shirts, skirts and shorts that will all go together. This will be much simpler.
It feels like we just returned from winter and now it is summer… I guess that is why we are doing spring cleaning. We cleaned out the aft cavern and sent the families at the dump lots of clothes, shoes and bags. I love bags and had way too many… how many bags does one really need anyway? When we return from dog/house sitting we will start in on the forward stateroom – aka the storage shed.
Early Thursday morning, we moved back into Rob & Ibis’ lovely home to dog/house sit. It was fun see the dogs again and they seemed quite excited to see us again as well. This time there is no car to use and it has been lovely staying put. It is kind of like being at anchor. We are enjoying the pool and playing with the dogs.
Mike rode a bike to Mermaid this morning just to check on her. Jeorge removed the aft head to fix the motor (we hope) and we thought we should take a look. We left the air conditioning running because it seemed to take a long time to cool the boat down on our return and because Ron is coming Monday to start working on the frig. We are hopeful that the needed parts for the frig will finally get here before too long. While Mike was gone the Mormons came by. I never expected to have them ringing my doorbell in Mexico!
I have already booked another leg of travel. I am going to fly to New York and visit Alan and Crystal. We really miss them and have learned that they will not be able to join us for Christmas, so I am going to get a visit in this year! It will be great to see them. I am sorry now that I left all my cool weather clothes in Alaska!

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