Mermaid is back in the water! Friday the 13th Mermaid went back in the water and back to Paradise Village. I really didn’t want to splash on a Friday the 13th, but Mike really didn’t want to pay for an unnecessary day in the yard. Opequimar put her in the sling, the guys put some finishing touches on the bottom and in the water she went. We headed across Bandaras Bay to Paradise Village and on the way water started coming in the engine room. That is against Mermaid’s #1 rule (Rule # 1 People in Water out!). We ran the bilge pump, called Jorge and decided to fix the problem at the slip. On to Paradise… We got in the slip and promptly closed the thru hull only to find that an exhaust hose had been run too close to the disk on the transmission which sawed the hose in half. Jorge came to the slip and put a new hose on, ran the engine, put it in gear and all is well again.
Right after we got to the slip, Full Sail came to install our bow awning they had remade. During the installation I found a new tenant on Mermaid… an iguana had already come to stake a claim!
We put Mermaid to bed and headed back to the house confident that no more water would enter the bilge… and it didn’t!
Saturday and Sunday I raced with Team Dreadnaught in a one design regatta in Bandaras Bay. What fun and what a great group of people… new friends! I had met Karla several years ago in a regatta and emailed her that we were in PV if she ever needed crew. Well, she needed crew! I trimmed the jib upwind and the chute downwind. We had all kinds of weather conditions over the weekend – no wind, light wind, too much wind, rain, lightening and thunder. One of the lovely things about racing here where the water is very warm is that when we had delays due to lack of wind everyone just jumps overboard to float and cool down… how lovely! Certainly a difference than racing in California! We also jump in after practices and after races. Such fun!
Today is our last day of house/dog sitting. It has been very helpful having a place to stay during the longer than expected haul out. I will miss the laundry room but most of all I will miss the sweet little dogs (and the cat). These three dogs have become part of the family and it will be hard to leave them, but their true family will be home tonight and I am sure they will be happy to see them. So, we go back to Mermaid this evening and will be there four nights. Friday night we will stay in a hotel so all is ready for Mermaid to be left for the duration of hurricane (HOT) season. We look forward to visiting family in Texas for a week before heading to Alaska. I can hardly wait to get my hands on that grandbaby of ours! Oh, and to see the kids of course…

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