South to Alaska?

We spent one more night in Skagway. We drove and explored the beauty stopping to have a picnic along the way, and yes it was in the car again due to bugs. We hiked up to a waterfall and a very old cemetery. Mike found gold along the way (actually it was a boulder painted gold). We boarded the ferry and headed to Juneau.
The scenery along the ferry route was beautiful! We saw whales and an otter. We wondered if any of the whales were ones we had watched in Mexico…
As soon as the ferry landed we drove to Stacy and Frank’s where a surprise was waiting for us. We knew that Stacy and Autumn wouldn’t be back from her trip to LA until the next morning, but they caught an earlier flight and barely beat us to the condo. We were so surprised to see them! What a treat!
We never even made it into downtown Juneau. We spent every day playing with Autumn and catching up with Stacy and Frank and Frank’s family.
July 4th was interesting as the fireworks have to be done after midnight (very early on July 4th) as that is when it is dark enough to see them. We stayed up late on the 3rd and went down to the channel to watch the fireworks. There was so much moisture in the air that the fireworks were hard to see, but we had fun anyway. Later in the morning, we watched the parade go through Juneau then hurried to John and Carmen’s house for lunch and to watch the parade go through Douglas before dinner. It was a long and very fun day and Autumn was a real trouper!
Before we knew it… it was time to board the plane and head to Texas where more adventures were waiting.
The car we bought and drove up was wonderful! It was comfortable, stable and drove great… Now time to sell it.

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