Short Cut!

Saturday 1/14/12 Mike and I took a cab into town to look for a barber to cut Mike’s hair… I got a haircut in Mexico… Mike got a Mexican haircut! He had practiced his Spanish to explain how to cut and not too short. The barber said si and started cutting… with shears! Mike got shorn like a sheep! We both got a good laugh out of it and he was a good sport and agreed that it would be much easier this short. They even put Bril Cream (who knew that stuff still existed) or the Mexican version of it on him and gooped his hair good! We decided they never heard the old saying “a little dab will do ya!”
We watched the 49ers beat the Saints in the playoffs with fellow cruisers before changing for dinner.
Monday four other cruisers and I took a cooking class from Claudia who ownes Casa Trese, a mexican restaurant in town. She took us all where she shops (not anywhere we had been) and to her home to cook. We went to the best cheese store, tortilliaria and bought chicken from the nuns at the convent! We went to her home to cook and found the power out so plan B on the menu… Claudia taught us to make 4 dishes and taught us how to drink tequilla! We all had a blast and Claudia is a doll…
We (Mike, me, Nancy and David) had purchased tickets for a fund raiser for the orphanage to eat dinner and hear John Davidson. Talk about a flash from the past! He looks the same, just gray and a bit older. He was funny and we didn’t even realize he could sing! We had a lovely evening and returned to Mermaid for more dominos.
We spent most of the week on the computers, walking through town and doing boat chores. We finally got our FM3s which is like a year long visa with benefits.

We went to see an acrobatic show done on a sailboat by a French couple who used to be professional acrobats. The show was amazing and very entertaining and after watching this couple run up and down the rigging and mast we both wished they were looking for a boat to crew on… You can check them out at

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