Secret Anchorage and new amigos

Friday morning we were all smiles as the stern anchor had been exactly what we needed. A catamaran had come in and anchored by us in the early evening and we told them that the anchorage had been quite rolly during the night and we planned on putting out a stern anchor… They said they were on a cat and didn’t get that kind of movement. During the night pitched and rolled so much they left. We went into town and were able to off-load our trash and purchase ice. We met the couple that owns Latitude 21 and learned all about their restaurant/bar. We also ate hamburgers that were wonderful at Latitude 21. We headed back to Mermaid, hoisted both anchors and headed to a “secret cove” Dick Markie told us about. We found the entrance and went in even though it was quite scarey with no guide books or chart info on rocks. We anchored in sand and put out a stern anchor because there isn’t room to swing. The anchorage (Laceta las Cuevas) was amazing! The water was clear, there were caves all along the sides of the anchorage and a pretty white sand beach at the back. We planned on staying in this spot a while! We had a swim, cooked on the grill, ate in the cockpit and watched another beautiful sunset.
Saturday morning we ran the water maker and the impeller on the water pump in the generator blew out. Mike spent quite a bit of time getting it replaced. We had a celebratory cervesa and went for a swim. A group of Mexicans hiked onto the beach and swam out to Mermaid. We gave them cold cervesas and had introductions all around. They had hiked from Chacala (the next bay) and had a panga picking them up. The told us they had swam out because their teenage son wanted to “learn” our boat (see it) so we told him to feel free to go below and check it out. He came up saying he really liked the cocina (galley) so they all went below for a look. After visiting for a while, they insisted that we join them for fish dinner in Chacala. So, we hoisted anchor and headed to Chacala saying that we would be back to this anchorage again.
We were late to dinner because Mike was trying to get weather info to Red and Huck but the internet was really poor. Dinner was so much fun! The fish was delicious and it was great to get to know our new amigos. After eating, chatting and drinking tequila we walked up to their weekend home on the hill and played dominoes. The domino game they taught us was Cuban Dominoes but it was really a different version of Mexican Train. They did not like that the gringos call the game Mexican Train…
After lots of dominoes, chatting and tequila we headed back down the hill to our dink to find the tide had come in. Dink was floating and banging around the rocks. The wheels had kept the dink from floating out to sea. We were lucky this time and will be more careful next time.
Sunday we headed back to shore to walk the beach and try another palapa. We made sure to secure the dink this time. We had another amazing meal at the Las Brisas Hotel and enjoyed watching all the happy people. I had coconut shrimp that were perfectly cooked and served with both a pineapple sauce and a diablo sauce. It was perfect! PeeWee barked at the mariachis.
We headed back to Mermaid and had a long swim or really a long float behind the boat. We both read a bit and had dinner in the cockpit with… you guessed it – another beautiful sunset.
Monday, we woke to another very cool morning – another surprise! We hoisted both anchors and headed to Jaltemba so Mike could get internet… boy am I ready for retirement to be done.
We anchored in Playa los Ayala in Bahia Jaltemba to find no internet. We took dink into “town” to find internet but were unsuccessful. Back aboard Mermaid for a swim and sunset viewing.
It is now morning (Tuesday) and we seem to have internet! (happy dance) Mike got Milestones (his work) saved and I got the blog caught up after doing a couple of buckets of laundry… I think it may be time for a swim and a cervesa.

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