San Sebastian

Just after the kids left Mike and I hopped a bus to San Sebastian for a weekend with Philo’s Band and friends. San Sebastian is a quaint little mining town. The hotel where we stayed was where the party was be held which was very convenient. The hotel was built around a courtyard with rooms surrounding it. The band played in the corner (next to our room) and a dinner buffet was served. Later in the evening, a bon fire was started in the middle of the square and people played instruments. It was cold so the fire was welcome. Our room was very cold and damp. Mike and I walked the town and as we turned the corner from the hotel a bunch of bulls were running down the street and the look the lead bull had was “get out of the way!” We ducked behind a telephone pole. The town has so much history and was beautiful to explore. Our friends, John and Ellie from Serenity (Formerly Adios) were in Paradise Village and went to San Sebastian as well. We had so much fun catching up with them! We hadn’t seen them since the South Pacific!
Mike and I have been helping Dick Markie (the Marina Manager at Paradise Village) with his puddle jump seminars. It has been fun being involved with the people who are prepping to cross the Pacific and it has brought back many memories.

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