San Salvador

We enjoyed morning walks on the beach. The surf is pretty amazing! We also have been taking dinghy adventures in the estuary. On Sunday some of us went up the estuary to the home of ex-pats Lou and Lynn for a swim in the pool. Lou and Lynn enjoy sharing their lovely home and beautiful pool with cruisers. We all bring our drinks and an appetizer to share. What a fun afternoon! We managed to make it back to the boat before dark.
We went to San Salvador with Neko, Talos IV and Kia Ora. Our driver, Martin is the chef at the hotel. Our first stop was for pupusas to fill us up before heading into town. We all ate our fill and jumped back into the van for our adventure. We found a great hardware store where we all managed to find something we needed. Peter from Neko dropped some hydraulics off at a shop to be repaired and the guys were all impressed with the shop. While the guys took the hydraulics to the shop the ladies went to the fabric shop to find sunbrella. We finished our errand and stood outside the shop – a long time. One man stopped and told us that we were very beautiufl… What kind people the El Salvadorians seem to be. We were beginning to worry about the guys but they finally showed back up. The next stop was a mall (a really big mall!) where the guys got haircuts. Mike and I grabbed Cinnabon to eat for breakfast in the morning… Wow Cinnabon in El Salvador! Then it was off to a German restaurant… really! A German restaurant in San Salvador. We had a great lunch and a cold beer before heading off to our last stop. The grocery store that Martin took us to was amazing! We found many items that we hadn’t seen since leaving LA. Mike and I only bought a few items because we knew we would be doing some inland touring and we didn’t want any spoilage.
Wednesday evening was chicken dinner at Jan’s which is a good chance to catch up with everyone and meet newcomers. This morning (Thursday) we moved Mermaid back into the marina to the same slip. We have a driver picking us up this morning to take us on more adventures…

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