Salmon, Eagle & Bears… Oh My!

We woke early to find the internet out – so we headed out into the great unknowns of the day… Lots of logging going on in this area! Not very long into our morning… just after a cup of coffee, we pulled into a turnout on the road to look at the river. WOW! People were fishing for salmon (well I use the term fishing loosely! They were holding nets out and the salmon jumped into them) and it was amazing! While we were taking pictures of that we saw an eagle then looked up and saw bears… a mother and three cubs. What an amazing place this was! After a few dozen pictures two overwhelmed girls got into the car and headed back onto the road wondering what else this amazing place holds.
There were still lots of signs for moose crossing but the only moose we saw was dead on the side of the road… very sad…
The drive became more and more beautiful as we drove along the Yellowhead Highway (Robin was sure this was the road for a blond to take). The mountains became taller and taller and even prettier if this is even possible. We came to the Seven Sisters, a beautiful range and even saw glaciers… what a drive. We were a bit surprised at how few people travel this road.
We stopped in Terrace to eat lunch at a quaint little pub. The waitress asked us if we were Americans… later when we were leaving, one man at the bar said to the others “that must be the Americans.” We guess we were an unusual site for them…
We finally arrived in Prince Rupert – the last stop for driving to Juneau. From here we board a ferry and sail for two days to Juneau where we will unload the car and deliver it to Stacy & Frank.
We walked around the town just a bit and really liked what Cow Bay. We went to visit Prince Rupert Yacht Club only to find that it consists of docks and an office… no real club. Oh well… off to new adventures

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