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We have both so enjoyed being at anchor and it has not been all play… We pulled out our SeaBreathe unit, hooked it to the house batteries and Mike gave it a try. He thoroughly cleaned Mermaid’s hull – it did take two days – she has a lot of bottom. The anchorage was only about 13 feet deep, so at one point Mike was actually standing on the bottom of the ocean scraping Mermaid’s bottom. That was a site to see!
We looked out and saw good wind so we decided to hoist the anchor and go back up to our “secret anchorage” or Chacala. We had a lovely sail and upon reaching both anchorages realized that with the south swell we would not be comfortable so we turned around and headed back to Jaltemba. So, we spent the day sailing and it was lovely. We anchored behind the little island again and watched the sunset with big smiles on our faces.
After a few more days behind Isla Pena we moved back over to Guyabitos and went to shore for a stroll on land. We stopped for a bite and a cervesa at Latitude 21 and found a Mexican family quiet well into their celebration, and it looked like they were having a great time. One of the ladies asked if she could dance with my husband… sure I said while getting a look from Mike. They danced and she seemed to be in love with him. Mike returned to where I was sitting and said it was time to go… Quickly. The lady was not happy we were leaving and clearly not happy that Mike was leaving with me. It was funny and we have laughed about that lunch ever since.
That evening we sat with our calendar and “to do” list and decided it was time to get back to Bandaras Bay and get Mermaid ready for hurricane season. So, the next morning we headed to La Cruz and anchored out. We saw lots of wildlife along the way, even a whale.
We got in the dink and headed to shore for dinner. Another boat came in and anchored just after us and they were heading in as well. We chatted at the dock and at dinner and were quite surprised when they said they had just come up from Panama and were surprised at how cool it was in PV. COOL?? Were they kidding… No. Mike and I laughed because we are heading that way and we think it is HOT here! Oh my, what weather awaits us farther south?
Friday, May 10, I looked up from the cockpit (we are anchored in La Cruz) and saw a Mod 70 trimaran out on Bandaras Bay for a sail. It was amazing to watch how fast they scooted back and forth across the bay in winds of 20 kts. It was fun to watch! They seemed to have some trouble taking down their main but eventually got it down. Then, to my surprise they backed down the channel to enter La Cruz Harbor backwards!
We got as much done that we could do to prepare for the upcoming season and decided to go in and get a slip to do more work. We got the jib washed, down and stored, Dink got a good cleaning and put away, everything sealed, bees blocked and lots of other chores done.
Our friend, Rick (a Canadian friend down here who also watches Mermaid when we are away) had family visiting for his wedding. We took them to Yelapa for a day trip and had a ball. We sat on the beach, played in the water and ate good food. I suggested they hike up to the waterfall which they did, but it seems in dry season there isn’t much of a waterfall… Oh well, good reason to come back.
Rick’s wedding was amazing! He and Saira had their ceremony on the beach in Bucerias and it was beautiful. We made some new friends and look forward to seeing them again when we return.
With time running out before our flight to LA, we returned to our slip in Paradise Village and finished all the boat chores to get Mermaid ready for the hot, hurricane season. We washed everything, cleaned out the pantry, cleaned out and shut down the frig and freezer and got her buttoned down pretty well.
Rick took us to the airport and before we knew it, we were back in the USA.
We flew in to LA and went straight to King Harbor Yacht Club to see some good friends then off to Coyote Cantina for my favorite dinner… sweet corn ravioli. We spent a few nights with our friend Hannah and PeeWee loved sitting on top of Hannah’s couch and playing with Nanna. We used Hannah’s empty garage as a staging area bringing stuff from storage and sorting it out. We planned our trip to the USA to empty out our storage unit in Burbank. We have spent way too much money for way too long on it. Nothing in there is worth that much but much has sentimental value so we went through all of it, not an easy job… Believe me! Cleaning out 33+ years worth of stuff is not easy and we ended up with some goodies that we just couldn’t part with yet so we found a smaller, less expensive unit and moved some things there. We ran from Pasadena, Seal Beach, Redondo Beach back and forth to Burbank storage and Canoga Park storage… Not fun! Our friends wondered why we weren’t spending time with them – there just wasn’t enough time.
We moved down to Seal Beach to house/dog/cat/turtle sit for our friend Holly, PeeWee loved having playmates. We flew to San Francisco for one night to attend Mike’s retirement party! Mike got word that his brother, Bunky, had passed away and flew to Texas. Since we were house/dog/cat/turtle sitting and I was teaching a seminar, I stayed behind.
When Mike returned we moved to Pasadena to visit the Queen and do more storage work then back to Hannah’s for the last two nights to load the car…
Oh, the car by the way – after getting bids to ship things to Stacy in Alaska we decided to buy a car and drive it up to her having a vacation along the way. We called our friend Curt who owns Classic Cars in Redondo Beach and asked him to find us something big with four wheel drive to take up north. He found us a Yukon, had it serviced and ready for us to go. We filled it to the brim (we decided we don’t really need to see out the back) and made one more trip to storage to put the items that just didn’t fit. We got to have lunch with Zoltan and are planning on seeing more friends tonight for dinner and head north tomorrow morning.
New adventures await!

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