I spent this week doing some writing and a few boat projects. I finally found someone to come fix the AC once and for all. It seems to be working as it should and turned out to be a problem with the way it was installed. At least it is cool inside Mermaid.
Lynn and I took a taxi into PV this week and walked, visited and shopped. It was fun to explore a bit again and I found that PV has changed in some ways and not in others. We ate lunch at the Cuban bar (with mojitos of course). We stopped by the Commercial that I loved to do my grocery shopping in 10 years ago and explored to see if the good chicken place was still there… it is! I will have to get some when Mike gets back to Mexico.
My Mexican routine is wake, have a cup of coffee and listen to the net while checking emails, take PeeWee on a long walk, get a boat chore done and work on the computer a bit before heading up to the beach or pool for a nice cooling soak, shower and back to the boat for dinner and a movie. This routine is occasionally interrupted (not a bad thing) by Doug, Lynn and Higgins stopping by to see if I want to go to Starbucks with them… which has been worked into the routine now…
Life in Paradise Village is pretty much paradise!

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