Rio Cuale

We were surprised to hear our bilge pump go off and even more surprised to see water dripping from the packing gland! We called Jeorge who had repacked the gland during our haul out to come take a look. He brought a new worker (great… training on my packing gland!) and they fixed the problem. He had Mike run the engine in gear while tied in our slip which made me a little nervous, but our dock lines and the cleats held fine. We still have a temporary frig sitting in the middle of the salon and the doors and other frig parts on the settee while the frig is a hole in the wall… still waiting on parts! We also have our aft head sitting in Jeoge’s shop so Mermaid is still quite a mess.
Saturday our friends Joe and Heidi of sv Huck returned from San Francisco and we all went to the yacht club for dinner and cold cervesas while watching an amazing storm move through. We really haven’t had much rain since our return and this made up for it. It poured! It was fun to catch up with Heidi and Joe while watching the lightning and rain.
Sunday morning we met our friend Deila downtown where we caught a bus, then walked to her friend Martin’s house. Martin had made ceviche and we all walked up the hill to spend the afternoon on the banks of Rio Cuale. This is what many Mexican families do on Sunday afternoon and there were families all up and down the river. We found a spot in the sand and sat to eat ceviche while watching everyone playing in and around the river. Martin’s ceviche was the absolute best I have ever eaten. I will have to ask for his recipe!
I was surprised that no one wore swimsuits to swim in the river. When I asked why I was told “not in the river!” so I still don’t know why. I had worn a swimsuit under my clothes but swam with my shirt on anyway to try to fit in as much as possible.
The river was very brown because of all the rain, but that didn’t stop anyone from getting in… including us. There was a strong current and it was fun to try to swim across while getting washed down the river. It was shallow which made it safe to play in. We played a while and watched the families playing as well. After a while I realized that we had not heard a single cross word; no kids arguing, no parents correcting kids. Only happy sounds on this day on Rio Cuale. It seemed quite magical and wonderful. We totally understand why families come here to spend their Sundays.

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