Relax… Work Too Hard… Relax

We have been enjoying lazing around the beach house and floating in the pool. We go to Mermaid every week and get a boat chore done to get her ready to head south in the winter. La Cruz is very quiet in the summer. It seems to be mostly us and the fishermen – quite lovely actually.
We celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary at Oso’s Oyster Bar which is almost next door to us and at Philo’s Bar. Philo sang to us!
We went to Punta Mita to play with our friends Richard and Donna and did a little paddle boarding. It was beautiful, warm and fun. The cab drivers in Punta Mita are quite a rip off… 500 pesos to go from Punta Mita to La Cruz… only 250 the other way. We normally use the small buses but they stop running at night and cabs are necessary.
We have been enjoying our “beach lunch group” on Wednesday and even took a touristy banana boat ride one time! It is a fun group of people (and dogs) and it gets us out of the house for an afternoon. We have had a blast every time!
I raced with the Dreadnought Team… well some of the team. We were very short handed, the wind was good and the seas where huge… not our best weekend. I was very sore and tired after the weekend. I do enjoy racing with We have really lucked out with the Mexican summer until this week. Now the tropical depressions are getting close to us and the weather is raining and storming. Watching the storms come across the bay is amazing, but I do worry about Mermaid.
I leave Saturday to attend Autumn’s 2nd birthday (I cannot believe it has been two years!). From Juneau I will head to San Francisco for the two weeks of the America’s Cup Finals. I am fortunate to be part of the media and will get to see the action up close. Mike and PeeWee will stay in La Cruz until around the 12th then move to another house we are watching, this one close to Mermaid. We should be back aboard around the end of the month…

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