Refrigerator & Toilet

I am happy to report that the aft head is back in the boat and working! The work on the frig has continued through out the week. Today Ron came by and put the finishing touches on the frig and turned it on. Our fingers are crossed that it will solve the problem and it seems to be cooling!
The weather is beginning to cool down and we have been treated to beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
Our friends Paul and Pam from TugTub came into Paradise Village and we have enjoyed catching up with them. We walked down to the Rivera Grill for dinner and found it closed. There was a sign saying they were open from 5:30 – 11:00 but it was closed at 7:30 so we walked down the street to Fajita Republic. Pam and I took a bus and a taxi and made a Costco run. I was looking forward to this and thought the frig would be finished and I could stock it up, but with no frig I just got some staples we needed. Oh well, I can always go back another day. We all went to one of our favorite places in PV; La Bogedita del Medio Friday night and had a great time. The food and drinks were great and the Cuban band was quite enjoyable.

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