Red Tide & Construction

Mermaid is on an end tie in Long Beach, CA. Red tide has moved in which stinks, looks ugly but makes the most amazing light show in the head at night. The marina is tearing out all the docks across from us, ferrying them behind us and crushing them in the parking lot. They are making the most noxious smell! At least the wind direction is where we don’t get the smell on the boat, but walking off the dock is awful!
Robin was working in the boat a couple of days ago when she heard a man screaming “I need help here!” She ran to the cockpit to witness the construction workers trying to ferry too much of the docks across the marina in a crosswind and heading right for Mermaid. He was yelling at his crew on shore. Robin videoed a little of it (if they were going to hit Mermaid it was going to be on film!) until she saw a workman with a very large metal pole that he was going to use to fend off Mermaid. “I don’t think so” Robin said, stopped filming and went on deck to fend with something a bit softer. Finally they were able to throw a long line to the shore and the crew helped pull the ferry and her load to the side they were intending to go. Crisis avoided and entertainment over.
We went to dinner and to catch up with our old friends Greg & Susan who we met cruising in Mexico then docked next to them for 6 months in Long Beach. It was great to see them and chat through the evening. And as always, hard to say goodbye.
Mike flew to Texas to visit family one last time before leaving the country and Robin stayed aboard to make sure the line of workers didn’t stop she will visit the family in a few weeks.
Robin went on deck yesterday morning to a boat off the bow. The owner explained that he had just purchased her (Bristol 22) and was bringing her to a slip when his outboard engine fell overboard and sank. He also had no sails so he somehow managed to get off our bow and tie up. Robin took a line and towed him to his slip with our dink. He told Robin that he is sailing her to Hawaii in November… Robin encouraged him to check the weather routing as that is not a time to go from here to there.
There has been a steady stream of workers (think of a line of ants) coming and going from Mermaid. Mike is firing the money cannon but everything is getting ready for our departure. Slowly but surely all will get done. The frig (boy has that been a nightmare) is getting rebuilt on the engine room side, watermaker serviced, new solar panels installed and various and assorted small jobs are getting checked off the list. Mike Before we know it we will hoist the sails and head out.

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