Racing and Hanging on the Hook

My garden is doing quite well. It seemed to like anchoring out but needed more water. We are enjoying basil and rosemary! I just cut the top off milk jugs, put a few wine corks in the bottom, soil and plants. It works.
My friend Kim visited for a week – which we learned is not nearly enough time to catch up and see the sites! We ate Cuban food, went zip lining (I can’t seem to get enough of that), went to Philo’s and mostly talked and laughed a lot. Kim went out on a practice with the girls and swam in the ocean with us. Good times!
We have spent most of our time with boat projects (the galley is almost done) and racing. I have been racing with the girls on Dreadnought and loving it… and Mike and I have done some sailing with Richard and Donna on Profligate. The last day we raced with them, we ran aground entering the harbor. One of the dagger boards was stuck down and it hit hard. The damage doesn’t look too bad and I’m sure it will be fixed soon.
I have been practicing on Thursdays with the girls and we have regattas the third weekend of the month where we normally get in six races. My Spanish has been improving but mostly with boating terms… The ladies I sail with are amazing and I am very fortunate that they have taken a gringo into their fold!
We went to La Cruz to anchor for a week. When our week ended we decided to stay one more night, then another and another… Finally, we returned to our slip, but it was so nice to hang on the hook! We had pelicans dive bomb the boat and it really sounded like we were being hit. They also pooped all over the deck… ick! We watched the Super Bowl at the Sky Bar in the marina. We went to the farmer’s market, ate out and walked a lot. Our friends Ann and Jeff from La Paz were here and we had fun catching up with them. We also found Jack and Mary Beck from King Harbor Yacht Club in La Cruz and gave them our KHYC coffee mugs. We had too many mugs on the boat. Every day whales swam by as well as dolphins, rays and tons of fish.
The whales in the bay have been amazing! Every time we go out sailing they are breaching and tail slapping. The sunsets have been pretty amazing too. The weather has been quite warm, well pretty hot actually, during the day and nice and cool at night. When I say cool – cover up with a sheet for part of the night is what I mean.

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