Quepos to Golfito

As we headed down the coast of Costa Rica the landscape turned a verdant green. The reason for this is that further north there are two seasons, wet and dry. Down in the little latitudes the two seasons are wet and wetter, a fact that was made clear to us over the next week. We made a quick stop in a small Bay called Dominicalito where we landed the dingy on a rocky beach and found a resort where we had lunch as white faced monkeys watched us from the balcony. We made it back to the boat where a short time later the bottom fell out of the sky. The runoff from the thunderstorm caused mud stained water from the river to spill into the bay far out into the sea. Leaving Dominicalito behind we headed for Bahia Drake. The Costa Ricans pronounce it Dra-Que and one of the locals on shore told us that the bay was named Dra-Que because Sir Francis Drake had anchored there after raiding the coast of Ecuador. It was a cool spot. We had a great dingy adventure going up a river where the jungle towered over us and exotic birds filled the air with their calls. Back on shore we took a stroll through “town” which is just a small grocery, some houses, a couple of dive shops and a resort. As we headed out we spotted a small Boa Constrictor in a stump near the resort. We stayed one day to long though. The last day we were there we had what Mike termed biblical rain most of the day and worse, the wind kicked up big rollers that came right into the bay. To say it was rolly is an understatement. We were planning on heading out at sunrise the next day but at 12:30 am Mike woke Robin up (on Mother’s Day) and suggested we get the hell outta Dodge. Half an hour later we had the anchor up and were underway heading to Golfito.

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