People in Water out… its always been our rule, but today – lots of water in!

Our rule on the boat has always been simple… people in water out! No questions. But today we had loads of water in and it made Robin very nervous!
Thor was installing our air conditioning (for the summer months in the tropics) and had to drill 2 (did you read 2!) new thru hulls in the boat. One below the waterline and one above. Robin watched quite uneasy as the one below the waterline was drilled. She got quite concerned as water spouted above the floorboards even though the mechanic didn’t seem concerned (just very wet). After that she had to go to the back stateroom as they drilled though above the waterline for the second line… she had had quite enough. Air conditioning installed and we hope it will all be worth it in Mexico where its HOT.
We spent the weekend on Enchanted Lady with Andy, Jan, Joe, Beth, Jim and Corina racing the last race of the Island Series. We had expected little to no wind on Saturday and were happy to find there was some wind building at the start. There were Predicted Logger power boats at the start line blowing their horns because they had no clue who had the right of way (we did! sailboats… duh). We had a great race over, fast all the way with flat seas. Happily we got a great mooring under the casino and headed in for fun in town.
Sunday morning we woke to an epic, beautiful morning. We had a great start (with almost no wind) and had a fabulous sail back to Long Beach.
We had a fantastic weekend! Great sailing, food, drinks, fun, friendship and finished both days in 1st place. We saw whales and dolphins. The ocean was flat and the wind was perfect for this boat. What a great weekend!
Stacy sent us some pictures of Autumn Rose smiling… Oh how we miss them!

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