We left La Cruz early Thursday morning (5/31) and motored for less than an hour to Paradise Village in Nuevo Vallarta. We had to go early to get in the entrance at high tide to avoid bumping the bottom. The morning was calm and pretty. We were in Paradise Village 10 years ago and we had a little deja vu to come in again. Our friends Doug & Lynn (and their dog Higgins) from Miramar are on our dock and Richard & Donna on Profligate are here as well. We plugged in, got the boat washed (the guys here did the best wash down Mermaid has had in a long time!) and headed to the pool…. ahhhhh.
Friday night Mike and I went into town in Puerto Vallarta, walked along the Malacon, ate dinner and went to La Bodeguita Del Medio. We found this little Cuban bar 10 years ago with our friends Greg & Susan of Tavana and loved it. I was here a few years ago during a regatta. It was fun to visit again! We sat at the bar, drank mojitos and watched the salsa dancing.
Saturday Mike flew to Texas to visit his mom and brother. Of course, as soon as he was gone the air conditioner decided to stop working… no problem, I went to the beach with Doug & Lynn and returned to Miramar for dinner. It was a bit warm during the night so Sunday morning I went to work trying to find the problem. I got it working (much to my relief!) but still need someone to come take a look at it. While the boat cooled down, PeeWee I went in the dink with Doug, Lynn and Higgins to Eddies in Nuevo Vallarta Marina for a good breakfast.
I have spent the last couple of days walking with PeeWee in the mornings, with a stop to visit Gina for his treats and swimming in the afternoon. The ocean is very warm and the waves are nice for a little body surfing. I forgot to take off my favorite sunglasses and King Neptune now has a new pair… dang! I have had a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon in the evenings… I finished the first three and will watch the fourth tonight. PeeWee is quite happy that I have been spending the evenings with him on the boat.

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