Out of the Slip & Into Another!

The first week of November was spent working like crazy getting Mermaid ready for sea. The transmission went back in. We had the toe rails and handrails varnished. I made a couple of Cosco runs and filled the freezer, refrigerator and drawers. We took the shade awnings down, put the sails up, put the liferaft on deck and all the other goodies that normally live there. I went up the backstay to secure the flag on the man-overboard-pole and Mike went up the mast to remove the bee prevention (which didn’t work). We got the chartplotter hooked back in, washed the boat and the cockpit ready to go.
Sunday morning I got all the laundry on the boat washed, dried and put away. Sunday afternoon just after 3:30, with the high tide we left the slip in Paradise Village, departed the harbor, hoisted the sails and went for a sail. Wow! It felt so good to be on the bay sailing. The breeze was light and the air hot. We didn’t go fast and we didn’t care, we were sailing. Finally, the breeze died so we doused the sails and headed for the anchorage in La Cruz.
We had looked forward to a nice swim in the anchorage, but we found red tide and enjoyed a sundowner in the cockpit instead. One of the handles that screw down and hold the outboard on the mount was frozen. We spent a couple of days working on it and finally broke it off to get the outboard off the deck.
We had a couple of lovely days anchoring until… we realized that our generator was not communicating with the new battery charger. We ended up with two electricians coming out to the boat and still couldn’t get the issue resolved. Early the next morning we headed into the marina in La Cruz to plug into shore power and find an generator expert.
We found Fernando who ordered a new solenoid from the USA so now we sit and wait for it to arrive. When it does arrive, we aren’t sure it will fix the problem but we have to wait. In the meantime, we ordered new starter batteries and new boat shirts. Mike went to the eye doctor (in the grocery store) and got new glasses ordered. My computer part arrived and has been installed. Now there is a new storm brewing so it may be a good thing we have been delayed.
While we have been in the marina, the boats from this years Baja haha have been arriving and it has been fun meeting them. Also, during this red tide there was a fish kill which has made the marina really smelly! The staff at the marina have been working hard to remove the dead fish from the water but it is slow work and it is raining. We have enjoyed Philo’s, Tacos on the Street and the new Geko Rojo which has been an unplanned surprise. We like La Cruz, but are really ready to be sailing south…

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