Our Heads Were in the Clouds

A big Papagayo event was forecast so we decided it would be a good time to get off the boat and do some inland touring. We bit the bullet and left the boat in the very swanky Marina Papagayo arriving about an hour before the winds started to whip the bay into a froth. We shared a rental car and rented a house up in the mountains with Peter, Mary and Lucy of sv Neko and headed up into the mountains to see the Monteverde Cloud forest. Driving in Latin America is always an adventure and Peter did a great job behind the wheel. We avoided the wheel that flew off the 18 wheeler a couple of cars in front of us and avoided the bumps after we got onto the dirt roads up in the mountains. We headed up to the Cloud forest reserve early in the morning and hired a guide for a walking tour. The forest was amazing and our guide Javier was a font of information. We spotted a spider monkey just a few minutes into the walk and saw a wealth of other birds, plants and insects on the tour. We got a good view of a resplendent Quetzal, perhaps the most colorful bird of the Americas and saw Toucans and many hummingbirds. We decided to take the scenic route home and headed down to the coast where we had lunch at a very nice beach bar named Lola’s. We discovered that Lola is an enormous hog who has her pen just behind the restaurant. As evening approached we saw many howler monkeys in the trees along the road including one group that had a small baby just learning to swing through the branches. When night fell we found ourselves lost on very rough dirt roads. We hadn’t seen a car for quite a while when we flagged down a local and asked for direction. We got a barrage of Spanish but Robin did a great job of translating and before long we were back on the pavement and made it safely back to the marina.

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