Once in a Blue Moose!

We left 100 Mile House and headed north on the Cariboo Hwy until Prince George where we turned west. We stopped on the road and had a picnic for lunch. There wasn’t as much to see on this leg but we are getting a bit jaded as it was still very pretty. Driving through all these little towns we have started noticing that most of them have beautiful hanging baskets hanging from the lamp posts and street signs. Jessamine keeps marveling at the signs for salmon and that they come this far inland.]Something a little more odd we are noticing is the car washes all have signs saying “Truck/Car/Dog Wash” which has us wondering…
Both of us burst out laughing when we realized that Robin had begun speaking in metrics when referring to the speed and distance. Maybe we’ll have this whole metrics thing down by the time we reach the border.
We pushed on and reached the point where we were very tired and started looking for a room about Topley. We ended up in the Whispering Pines Motel in Topley (which is just a bend in the road). The motel was almost full when we got there with loggers but there was a room for us.
We keep seeing signs for moose crossings but haven’t had a sighting – until… we spotted 3 blue moose (they were wooden in-case you are wondering) just past Prince George. We will keep watching though. Also no bears spotted as of yet either!

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