On the Water and In the Water!

Tuesday afternoon Frank and I went to meet Neil who owns Blue Nose Surf for a paddle board lesson. Neil had gotten a group together of enthusiasts who wanted to go for a paddle board tour in Juneau. I was a little unsure about standing on a board (or really of falling in the water!) in cold water not to mention that killer whales like this area. A quick lesson on standing and paddling and we were off. We paddled across the channel and stretched our tired bodies on the other side before returning to our starting place. I was so surprised that I was actually hot! OK, not hot by Mexico standards but quite warm. So, when we got back to our starting place everyone jumped in the frigid water. Yes, we all had on thick, warm wetsuits but the water was really, really cold and it did sneak in the zipper and down our backs. Refreshing!
Thursday evening Stacy, Autumn, Mike and I met Wade Rogers at Harris Harbor in Juneau to go for a sail on his Catalina 27. We headed out of the harbor to flat waters and no wind so we went in search of the wind. What beautiful scenery Alaska has to offer. The channel is between mainland Alaska and Douglas Island. We went by many beautiful waterfalls, snow capped mountains, salmon swimming and lots of lovely sites.
Autumn got her first PFD (life jacket) and took her first boat ride. I loved that the first thing she did was grab the tiller! She is a natural born sailor girl!

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